Sarena Miller

A young, Aasimar woman with metallic gold hair, eyes blue and crystalline, unnaturally smooth porcelin skin.


Sarena Miller was born to a farming family of moderate means. Their homestead is located outside the city of Nerosyan in Mendev. A tragic event involving a group of cultists from the Worldwound led Sarena’s family to give the child over to the clergy of Sarenrae.

Due to Sarena’s obvious celestial linage and appearance, she was a popular member of the Temple of Sarenrae in Nerosyan. She was often asked to become the “Vision of Sarenrae” for various festivals and parades which sought membership and support for the Temple. She only recently completed her training to become a member of the clergy of Sarenrae. Much to everyone’s surprise and dismay, she immediately left the her home Temple and made a pilgrimage to Kenebras.

Sarena meets everyone with warmth but feels that she is often received by others with either undue admiration and love or jealousy. She holds veteran Crusaders to a very high standard, and seeks to prove her own worth. She often devalues her own skill, and feels that her only worth was given to her without effort as Aasimar birthright.

Is is now often found aiding the blind elf Avashniel and believes that he is helping her more greatly than she is him. She has silently made it her first oath as an unofficial Crusader to find a way to restore his sight to him but has declined to make her oath vocally for fear of failure.

Sarena Miller

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