Campaign Rewards System

This is a “meta” rules set, and functions similar to the Prestige system. For events that happen in and out of game, you can be awarded Campaign Rewards, which can be hoarded or spent according to the system below. Some rewards function as long as you maintain a certain amount of CR, and some function by spending CR, which may impact the static abilities. This list may expand or change as the campaign progresses.

Additionally, you may spend twice the amount of CR to use these abilities on another PC.

Static Rewards
These apply simply by having the amount of CR and apply so long as that number is maintained.

CR 2- Free reroll on a 1 or 2 when determining HP on level up.
CR 5- Extra Skill Point on level up.
CR 10- One free reroll on any d20 (once per session)
CR 15- One extra mythic power per day
CR 30- Add one to your mythic surge.

Dynamic Rewards
Using dynamic rewards require you to reduce your CR pool by the listed amount.

1- Free reroll on out of combat roll
2- Free reroll on anything
5- Upgrade your HP die on level up to one higher (d8 becomes d10 become d12…)
5- Gain a skill-based feat.

Campaign Rewards System

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