Lord Calder Whitethorne

Warpriest of Aroden of the Sect of Arazni the Reclaimed, Voice of the First Crusade, Warden of the Scale


32 years old. Tall and pale skinned. Blondish, gray hair with strangely in-human green eyes. Stands 6’3 and around 240 pounds without armor.



Third son of the Blackthorne family of Cheliax. Old, established house who held upper-echelon principles very highly. The first son, Orson, follows the footsteps of his father, Oravayne, as politician, business owner, and socialite. The second son, Allastair, went into the clergy within the Church of Asmodeous. He has not been seen, but writes frequently. Calder went into the military at the age of 14, eventually becoming a hellknight within the Order of the Rack.

At the age of twenty-nine, on the night of his ascension to Paralictor, he encountered a vision. While generally secretive of what was experienced toward others, to himself the message was clear. Aroden, The Last of the First Humans, came to him and gave him a purpose: Knowledge must not be destroyed, truth above all else must be kept, good above evil. It was then when a form of a woman stepped forward and kissed his forehead. As she drew backwards he could make out the form of Arazni, The Red Crusader. Though in a different form, she appeared at peace, but vacant. She made it clear that those, like Calder, who have strayed from Aroden’s path must be redeemed. It was Calder’s duty to not only reaffirm the beliefs of Aroden on the world, but to also reclaim Aroden’s herald. With a flash of light, they were gone. Calder was left, looking over a pile of burning books and into the Lictor’s depressed, weary eyes. The brand in the form of a spiked wheel was placed on his back. Yet, Calder saw this as his first step onto a new path. A path which until now was illusory and dark. He had a new purpose. He had a new resolve. Above all else, he knew something which no one else did: Aroden was returning.

Lord Calder Whitethorne

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